«Is masturbation bad for your health» . «Is masturbation bad for your health».

What is masturbation? Is masturbation bad?

If everyone chooses to ignore that perfectly reasonable advice, I 8767 m not gonna lose sleep over it. There 8767 s an old saying that you 8775 can 8767 t reaon someone out of a position that they didn 8767 t reason themselves into. 8776 Cookies. They crumble. And the world just keeps on turnin 8767 .

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another thing that happened to me was i got mad and got into so many fights with my siblings after everytime i comited this harmful sin and i hope inshallah it will be easy on me to stop with this and for us to stop

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Can I ask why people keep asking questions I 8767 ve already answered?

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For general health you can take the following for 6-8 months

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Gals should follow the same remedies the writer talked about fast,prayer,keep good company preferably pious muslim friends,Physical exercises or hobbies that will keep your mind distracted,getting married situations where u are alone! May Allah grant us deliverance from this and other terrible vices.

But that doesn x7569 t mean masturbation doesn x7569 t come with a whole host of mental and physical health benefits. Although few studies focus specifically on the perks of solo sex, orgasms in general are believed to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, increase self-esteem, and relieve pain. xA5

As the wise say you always find darkness right underneath the base of the candle!
Adult websites, adult stimulating toys, etc etc. Are a billion dollarindustries so if anyone is a businessman he or she can understand why people from that region say that such haram activities are good for the human body! If not their billion dollar industry will collapse
Islam is a solid, firm, pure,it has tought us muslims(Allhamdullilah) of our birth, death, and everything a human needs to know!


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Well first of all masturbation is good to some extent but not the most effective one since it really loses your stamina and you can’t lift... masturbation is good or bad nobody will talk on this topic because this is very private in our country so no one is want to talk on this topic if they have face any types of problem in that particular case he...