«Masturbation self pleasure» . «Masturbation self pleasure».

Masturbation (Self-pleasure). The good. The bad. The pointless.

66. “Sitting ‘horsey’ style on a swing.” —  pickle75

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Masturbation has also been identified as a strategy to improve sexual health by promoting intimacy, exploring self-pleasure, desires, and needs, reducing unwanted pregnancies, and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV transmission.

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Due to these misconceptions of masculinity, men often end up behaving in ways intended to impress or fit in with what men perceive as the gender norm.

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Did that a few times and then one day it was sore so I was rubbing it. Hot damn that felt way better. Fuck I’m a genius.

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76.  “Three years old, was trying to pee in the big people toilet, laid my pee-pee on the toilet (witch’s kiss I know), and for some reason let the toilet seat rest on my pee-pee. This felt good and I motioned back and forth until my dad gave me a weird look and I stopped.

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Men who Feel More are emerging and it is what society needs

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If you&rsquo re still on the fence about playing DJ at your own party, the best way to get more comfortable is just to give it a spin.

77. “Somehow my mother ended up with my grandmother’s old Electrolux canister vacuum.

Most importantly, be gentle and kind with yourself, and move away from goal-oriented thinking in your masturbation. Any form of self-love and exploration that makes you feel good is a wonderful thing.


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Masturbation & Self Pleasure. Sex Talk With My Mom. To help us shake off the persistent social stigma, we’ve created a guide to female self-pleasuring.